Escudo de la República de Colombia Escudo de la República de Colombia



  • Contribute to national unity, the articulation of its regions and its connection with the international sphere, in its condition of cultural and intellectual center, open to all beliefs, currents of thought and to all the social, ethnic, cultural, regional and local sectors.
  • Create and critically assimilate knowledge in the advanced fields of science, technique, technology, art and philosophy.
  • Educate professionals and researchers on a scientific, ethical and humanistic basis, providing them with a critical conscience that allows them to responsibly act ahead of the requirements and trends of the contemporary world and creatively lead change processes.
  • Encourage the existence of a favorable environment for the personal development of its members, its research groups and the individual and collective processes of formation; for the quality of education; and for the advance of sciences, arts and their connection to culture.
  • Form free citizens and promote democratic values, tolerance and commitment to civil duties and human rights.
  • Study and enrich the nation's cultural, natural and environmental heritage and contribute to its conservation.
  • Promote the development of the national academic community and its international articulation.
  • Study and analyze national problems and autonomously propose formulations and relevant solutions, aiming to be the critical conscience of the nation.
  • Provide support and advice to the State in the scientific, technological, technical, cultural and artistic orders, with academic and research autonomy.
  • Share the benefits of its academic and research activity with the social sectors that constitute the Colombian nation.
  • Contribute, through cooperation with other State universities and institutions, to promotion an fostering of access to quality higher education.
  • Stimulate the integration and participation of the members of the university community, in order to achieve the aims of higher education.
  • Participate in initiatives, mixed corporations or other organizational forms to better comply with the objectives and functions of the University.
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