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The legal origin of the current Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia could be established in the Decree that created the Military College and the Polytechnic School, issued by the General Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera in 1861.

In 1866, the National Congress authorized the issuance of diplomas of suitability for the Engineers of the country and created the body of engineers as a division of the government.

Law 66 of 1867 created the Universidad Nacional de los Estados Unidos de Colombia that incorporated the School of Engineering and closed the Military College. From 1881 to 1884, the School of Engineering functioned as a division of the Ministry of War.

Then, a few years of irregular activity came due to the frequent wars that hit the country. In 1902, the "War of a Thousand Days" ended and, from then on, the School of Engineering worked without interruption under the direction of eminent patriots and men of study.

However, in 1935, Law 68 created the Universidad Nacional de Colombia as an autonomous legal entity and the School of Engineering became part of it. Later, in 1940, the School was transferred to the University City (Bogotá Campus), with the name of Faculty of Mathematics and Engineering.

Gradually, the modern Faculty of Engineering was consolidated, with the establishment of new careers according to the demands of the times. For instance, the Department of Electrical Engineering was created in 1961, then, the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1964 and in 1965, the Department of Chemical Engineering was included, as a culmination of the process of academic and administrative integration that took place in the University. Finally, the Department of Agricultural Engineering was created in 1969 and the Department of Systems Engineering in 1978.


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