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Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is its highest governing body and, among other functions, establishes and applies systems for the evaluation of academic programmes and staff assigned to the Faculty, approves research plans, evaluates and approves university extension activities, applies student regulations, studies and recommends the signing of scientific assistance agreements or contracts, deals with matters related to University Welfare policies and issues its own regulations, among other activities.

The Engineering Faculty Council is composed of:

  • The Dean, who chairs it.
  • The Vice-Dean, who shall preside in the absence of the Dean.
  • A career lecturer, with at least associate status, elected by the career teaching staff of the Faculty.
  • One undergraduate student elected by the undergraduate students of the Faculty.
  • One postgraduate student elected by the postgraduate students of the Faculty.
  • A graduate of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, who is not a professor at the University, nominated by the legally constituted alumni associations, academies or professional associations related to the Faculty. He/she shall be elected by the Site Council from a list of three candidates presented by the Faculty Council, in accordance with regulations issued by the University Board of Governors.
  • A career lecturer belonging to another Faculty, with at least the rank of associate lecturer, delegated by the University Superior Council, chosen from a list of three candidates sent by the Rector.
  • The Directors of Basic Academic Units. A maximum of three, elected among them, in Faculties where there are more than three Basic Academic Units.
  • The Directors of Curricular Programmes. A maximum of three, elected from among them, in faculties where there are more than three curricular programmes.
  • The Faculty Welfare Director.
  • The Secretary of the Faculty shall act as secretary.
  • The members of the Faculty Council shall be appointed for two-year terms and shall remain in office for as long as they hold the corresponding qualifications.